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Wobcom chooses Keymile MSAN for FTTx network in Lower Saxony

HANOVER, GERMANY – Wolfsburg-based telecommunications provider WOBCOM is expanding its infrastructure. It has picked KEYMILE’s IP-MSAN technology for optical fibre connections to the home in new housing developments. In the mid-term, there will be an extensive optical fibre network in Lower Saxony’s fifth biggest town.

In spring 2017, in close liaison with the parent company, Wolfsburg’s municipal utility, WOBCOM started to develop a comprehensive optical fibre network. It covers around 80,000 commercial and residential buildings in 16 neighbourhoods and districts. The work is to be completed in five years.

As the main component of the access infrastructure, the MileGate IP Multi Service Access Node (IP-MSAN) enables ultrafast broadband access and offers telephony and data interfaces. Network operators like WOBCOM can therefore offer high-quality broadband-, telephony- and TV-services. WOBCOM has already been using KEYMILE’s IP-MSAN technology to connect corporate and residential customers for some years. The high level of flexibility of the subracks and KEYMILE’s exemplary service swung the decision in MileGate’s favour. During the first phase of the optical fibre expansion, WOBCOM focused on connecting residential customers in new housing developments. Some home owners signed a contract with the telecommunications provider directly, while others merely want the lines laid to start with. WOBCOM is also talking to local housing development companies to connect new builds to the optical fibre network.

The MileGate multi-service access platform uses various subracks to support all FTTx-network architectures, so network operators consequently receive maximum freedom as regards the structure of their networks. The customers’ FTTH connections are created via optical Ethernet interfaces from an exchange or via an access point in an outdoor cabinet. Due to the single fibre systems used in the FTTH application where one dedicated optical fibre is used for each subscriber, network operators can make changes in bandwidth to suit the functions and services required. In order to connect as many subscribers in as cost-efficient a way as possible, WOBCOM uses an Ethernet FTTH unit with high port density in the MileGate subracks.

As well as developing the new optical fibre network, WOBCOM is also providing single districts with previously poor coverage with VDSL2 connections on the basis of the existing copper infrastructure. The households and commercial units are connected via VDSL2/Vectoring. WOBCOM’s customers also benefit as they can still use their existing POTS/ISDN telephones because in addition to IP-based services, the MileGate IP-MSAN also allows legacy services at the same time.

"WOBCOM has been collaborating successfully with KEYMILE for just under ten years now. From the very beginning, KEYMILE impressed us with its in-depth technical support and assistance at all levels, enormous flexibility and ability to make decisions quickly,” comments Thomas Werner, WOBCOM’s departmental head of operations and service.


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