Partnership provides training for next-gen installation engineers

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Fareham College in the UK has partnered with ISP, Giganet to train, upskill and develop the next generation of fibre installation engineers. 

The new training programme features a six-week traineeship leading to a 12-15-month apprenticeship, including training at CEMAST, Fareham College's Centre of Excellence in engineering, manufacturing and advanced skills training, and rotational training, on-site with Giganet in Whiteley.

Trainees, apprentices and newly qualified field operatives can expect to earn between £18,000 to £25,000 throughout the training programme with a range of benefits provided by Giganet. Students will also benefit from the support available through the college's dedicated Business Plus team, providing information and support throughout the application process and training programme. 

The collaborative programme is scheduled to take the first cohort of trainees in May, with the apprenticeship starting in July. Additional intakes are planned for October this year with a view to the programme growing. The College has already received a great deal of applications and interest for this programme.



Steve Morgan, head of learning at Giganet said: ‘The professional education and development of fibre technology installation engineers will prove essential for achieving the UK’s aims for nationwide gigabit-broadband by 2025. Following the opening of our own dedicated training centre last month, we’re looking to future-proof our workforce just as we’re helping homes and businesses future-proof their broadband connectivity. By partnering with Fareham College and investing in students with our apprenticeship scheme, we’re able to complement their education with the opportunity to work alongside our knowledgeable and experienced people to acquire job-specific skills that are in high demand.’

Bethany Challoner, apprenticeships and adult skills director at Fareham College added: ‘We're very excited to participate in this innovative and employer-led apprenticeship programme. At Fareham College, we have worked collaboratively with Giganet to create a programme that not only meets the needs of industry but will provide apprentices with long-standing career opportunities. We're proud to work with an employee centred organisation and look forward to getting the programme started.’

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07 July 2022

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