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Telia Carrier enhances network in Central Eastern Europe

Telia Carrier has improved its network connectivity in Central Eastern Europe: this week it added a new point of presence in Zagreb, Croatia, while earlier in the month it completed the Frankfurt-Warsaw Express, a direct route from Frankfurt, Germany to Warsaw, Poland.

From the new POP in Zagreb, Telia Carrier will provide wholesale IP transit and Ethernet services for carriers, content and cloud providers. Croatia is one of the biggest telecommunications markets in the region and while local operators traditionally built out their own networks, the recent spike in demand for services across borders has brought the need for help from international carriers.

Zagreb is uniquely positioned as a major connectivity hub and with access to Telia Carrier’s backbone, AS1299, can potentially become a hop-on point for bordering nations as well. This extension also enables content providers, many of which Telia Carrier has strong relationships with, to extend their services with Telia Carrier into this region, improving customer experience by bringing their content closer to end users.

“Telia Carrier is dedicated to delivering a responsive, connected experience to address the continued demand in the Eastern European market,” said Jerzy Wilisowski, director of sales, Europe at Telia Carrier. “By moving into Zagreb, in addition to existing POPs in Budapest and Vienna, Telia Carrier strengthens its presence in a high growth IP transit market in Croatia, and improves the customer experience for those using online gaming and content services provided in the region.”

Meanwhile, the Frankfurt-Warsaw Express provides increased resiliency and redundancy to Telia Carrier’s network. The route includes break-outs in Prague and Nuremberg, allowing Telia Carrier to not only service the growing Czech and Polish regions but also address network traffic coming in to Warsaw from China and Russia. Additionally, the new route offers a low-latency alternative path to major data centre hotspots in Germany, such as Berlin and Munich.

“Frankfurt to Warsaw is one of the largest telecom routes in Europe, this expansion enables Telia Carrier to serve customers in the region with diverse connections and low latency,” said Johan Godal, global product manager, wavelength and network outsourcing services at Telia Carrier.


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