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7950 Extensible Routing System

Alcatel-Lucent is helping Telenet, Belgium’s leading cable broadband provider, meet video and data demands of its customers by deploying the world’s most powerful IP (Internet Protocol) Core Router, the 7950 Extensible Routing System (XRS).
Core routers direct the data traffic at the heart of a network, handling Terabits of data per second. Alcatel-Lucent says the 7950 XRS provides up to five times the capacity of other core routers on the market, enabling operators like Telenet to meet the demands of bandwidth-hungry video, cloud and high-speed wireless services and applications. At the same time, the system consumes 66 per cent less energy than other core routers available today, supporting Telenet’s commitment to reduce its ecological footprint.
The companies says the 7950 XRS will prepare Telenet for the next decade of demand-growth from both residential and enterprise customers, supporting the explosion of video traffic created by high definition content, on-demand viewing and multi-screen delivery the widespread use of smart-phones and tablets, and the rapid adoption of ‘cloud’ applications.

Alcatel-Lucent says the system delivers significant operational cost savings by reducing requirements for physical footprint and power consumption, requiring only a single watt to switch a Gigabit per second worth of traffic. Featuring an extremely efficient thermal design to for cooling, the XRS can save reduce footprint and power costs by 50 per cent over a five-year period of network growth.


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