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Acacia adds to coherent pluggables with two new modules

Acacia, now part of Cisco has announced two new additions to its portfolio of 400G coherent pluggable solutions, based on its Greylock 7nm Digital Signal Processor (DSP), with the new Bright 400ZR+ and ER1 400G pluggable coherent optical modules.  

The Bright 400ZR+ QSFP-DD pluggable coherent optical module with high optical performance is designed for seamless deployment in ROADM line systems. For customers primarily targeting filtered (AWG-based DWDM) point-to-point applications, the 400ZR and OpenZR+ modules are an effective pluggable solution. This module is designed to expand the applications for this technology by addressing a variety of ROADM architectures such as those with colourless multiplexing.

With greater than 0dBm transmit optical power and high transmit OSNR, the Bright 400ZR+ gives network operators more flexibility to address a range of brownfield and greenfield applications using the high-density QSFP-DD form factor. It also supports OTN framing that can enable circuit emulation and pseudowire functionality over packet networks, offering even greater flexibility for network operators who want to deploy this pluggable technology.

The 400G ER1 QSFP-DD pluggable coherent optical module has features such as client multiplexing and interoperability based on both OIF and OpenZR+ protocols. The ER1 400G module is designed to be a cost effective and flexible solution for unamplified 40km point-to-point applications in access, campus and 5G network applications.


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