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Adtran FSP 3000 open line system

Adtran’s new FSP 3000 Edge OLS is an open line system designed for the new generation of coherent edge access, aggregation and metro networks. It has been specifically engineered for the use of coherent transmission at the optical edge, including the recently introduced Coherent 100ZR, as well as 400ZR optics. By using power-optimised wavelength broadcasting technology and a gridless architecture, the solution is designed to enable a simple and affordable optical layer with compact and flexible nodes that can transport any coherent signal and baud rate.

The new OLS is engineered to help operators roll out coherent optical edge networks in a most cost-effective and flexible way. With ZR-optimised technology for minimal insertion loss, it enables the use of ZR coherent optics at the optical edge in multiple use cases, including linear, hub-and-spoke or tree topologies. With its modular design, it empowers users to mix and match elements to create a solution that meets their exact needs. 


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