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Adva launches pluggable 10G edge demarcation device

The pluggable 10Gb/s demarcation SFP+ device is specifically designed for space-constrained environments. 

The Adva NIDPlug+ enables high-speed demarcation in the field where it’s not possible to use a traditional device. It’s particularly useful when it comes to creating demarcation points in space-restricted locations, which is a key requirement for the rollout of 5G connectivity and IoT technologies. 

Consuming less than 2.5 watts and requiring no additional floor space, the device provides enterprises and communication service providers (CSPs) with comprehensive management capabilities in order to deliver strict SLA-based carrier Ethernet. With standards-compliant performance assurance and service activation testing, it integrates seamlessly into existing networks and enables MEF 3.0-compliant mobile and business services. It also offers sophisticated OAM capabilities and meets stringent synchronisation demands. 

The new NIDPlug+ is managed by Adva’s Ensemble controller and Ensemble packet director. This gives operations teams intuitive and comprehensive network control, ensuring high levels of service quality and first-class customer experience.


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