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ADVA TeraFlex CoreChannel for longer 800G reach

Adva FSP 3000 TeraFlex CoreChannel has been designed to offer internet content providers (ICPs) and communication service providers (CSPs) the power to transmit 800Gb/s over greater distances. 

Using 140GBd sub-carrier technology, the new CoreChannel sled enables high-capacity transport over existing and new network infrastructure of more than 1,600km. It can also support 400GbE, 100GbE and 10GbE or a mixture of client speeds. 

The launch positions the FSP 3000 TeraFlex as a high-capacity platform for use in applications from metro to core to ultra-long-haul submarine links. Compatible with deployed infrastructure, the new solution can transmit 800Gb/s over more than 1,600km. It also delivers industry-leading SNR requirements making it resilient to transmission impairments. Along with the bandwidth flexibility and fractional QAM capabilities of the terminal, this ensures 800Gb/s transport with highest efficiency, highest performance and lowest cost. 

Featuring multi-rate client support, the sled can transport any mix of 400GbE, 100GbE and 10GbE services, providing customers with flexibility and protecting their investment as they migrate to higher speeds.


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