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AFL adds new options to furcation tubing portfolio

AFL has expanded its furcation tubing portfolio to include multiple options of industry-standard tube.

These additions include a cost-effective solution using PVC outer jacket material and polypropylene inner tube, and reflect the high performance and quality standards present within AFL’s cordage line.

Some of the new material options include PVDF with the lowest co-efficient of friction for maximum furcating distance and a Hytrel option for products in a low-smoke, zero-halogen application. Tubing options are available for traditional single 250µm fibre applications, dual fibre 250µm applications such as uniboot LC, and single fibre 900µm tight buffered applications.

Michael Houck, product manager for optical cable said: ‘Our updated portfolio is designed specifically for use with our data centre and structured cabling products where there is a requirement to fan out to single fibre connections. The portfolio expansion will allow us to offer solutions to meet all our customer’s needs.’


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