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AFL ribbonising tool goes glue-free

AFL’s latest ribbonizing tool, the RT-02, features a glue-less process for ribbonising and splicing 12-fibre ribbons. The tool saves time and money by eliminating inefficiencies such as cure time and contamination of splicing equipment.

The ribboniser is suitable for 200µm and 250µm loose fibres, 200µm and 250µm MPO termination, and mass fusion splicing loose fibre cables. Loading in order of the color code sequence is not required as with many traditional ribbonising tools. Fibres can be inserted at will and load directly into the holder after inserting all 12.

AFL offers a complete fusion splicing solution that includes field and specialty fusion splicers plus accessories. It also operates the authorized repair facility for Fujikura splicing products in the U.S.



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