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App to boost fibre contractor earnings with direct work

Technology platform, Pickr has developed an in-app feature that allows fibre contractors to self-form specialist delivery teams to work direct for major suppliers.

The feature is designed to help contractors on the front line secure better rates and quicker payments - through Pickr contractors are paid on seven-day terms.

The company received a £1m investment last year to develop its technology, which connects contractors to fibre projects uploaded to the platform. Its technology uses AI and machine learning to match contractors to work opportunities based on their skills, experience, qualifications, location and availability. 

The new Networks feature allows fibre contractors to connect with other app users. Once in their Network, they can then select contractors with the skills they need to form a specialist teams to deliver specific projects. By forming teams with colleagues, contractors can take on bigger, more lucrative projects.

Kane Halsey, Pickr’s founder and CEO stated: ‘For decades, the telecoms supply chain has operated a tiered system leaving the people on the ground whatever’s left after the big contractors have taken their cut. By cutting out multiple links in the chain, Pickr’s community of contractors can assemble a specialist team of verified workers, quickly, easily and with less bureaucracy than the traditional supply chain model.’


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