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BrixNGN Infrastructure Performance Suite

EXFO has unveiled its new BrixNGN Infrastructure Performance Suite, designed to provide service providers with significantly enhanced visibility into the performance of network infrastructure in the context of its impact on service quality.

As network equipment transitions to virtualised and software-centric architectures, the need to monitor performance while guaranteeing the availability and response time of critical network services is essential to ensuring smooth and uninterrupted network operation. With the sharing of hardware capabilities among virtualised equipment, operators can easily lose visibility over equipment performance which may lead to poor quality, service outages and much longer repair times.

With this in mind, EXFO has added the Infrastructure Performance Suite to its BrixNGN product line as it enables the correlation of service-level KPIs with key infrastructure metrics such as port speed and flow performance as well as CPU, memory and interface utilisation among others. Using patented optimisation methods, the suite is designed to be highly scalable – supporting the largest networks and providing sub-second polling for real-time performance assessment.

‘With the ability to address both existing and emerging technologies, BrixNGN is critical to ensuring infrastructure performance and to meeting the challenges that come with the shift to software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualisation (NFV)," said Claudio Mazzuca, Vice-President of EXFO's Transport and Service Assurance Division. ‘BrixNGN ensures the successful delivery of services-virtual or otherwise, by providing operators with a comprehensive view of both network and service performance.’


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