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The Count NIR

Especially made for wavelengths in the near infrared, Laser Components has intro­duced the single photon counting module Count NIR. The company says it has a notable detection efficiency of 60 per cent at 810nm and achieves a maximum detection efficien­cy of almost 80 per cent at 700nm.

Dark count rates of less than 50 photons per second are common. To operate this module, TTL pulses can be used: for this purpose, the Count is equipped with a gating input. The power is connected using a 12V power supply.

If conventional detectors are unable to distinguish between signal and noise, then single-photon detectors are used. These detectors have a high detection efficiency at a low dark count rate similar to Laser Components‘ silicon-based single photon ava­lanche diodes (SPADs). When equipped with electronics, they become easy-to-use photon counting modules.
The Count NIR development has been pushed because of experiments in funda­mental research where light quanta play a crucial role. Many experiments are conduc­ted in the wavelength range around 810nm, for example, in quantum optics and quantum information.


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