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Eight-channel multicore fibre fanout device

Optoscribe has launched a new eight-channel multicore fibre fanout device. The 3D Optofan Series offers a standard eight-core configuration that can be easily customised to suit Multicore fibre geometry. This enables users to increase the amount of data that can be transferred across an optical fibre, thereby reducing cabling costs and dimensions while maximising data bandwidth, the company says.

This solution is aimed at applications where space is at a premium and high bandwidth connectivity is essential. The new eight-channel fan-out joins the 3D Optofan Series of products that already include four-, seven-, and 19-channel devices.

The 3D Optofan Series and 3D MMux Photonic Lantern combine multiple components into a single platform to enable high throughput, low insertion loss and a broad flat spectral response over telecoms bands. This leads to the transmission of high data rates, decreased footprint and reduced assembly costs, for both short- and long-haul communications.


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