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Finisar introduces 100GHz balanced photodetector

Finisar says its BPDV4121100GHz balanced detector operates at frequencies in excess of 100GHz to enable coherent signal detection and characterisation at rates up to 160Gbaud, making it the fastest detector on the market. This component will enable the next generation of optical test and measurement equipment, to help vendors develop even higher baud rate optical transmission systems, the company explains.

The ever-increasing baud rates required for coherent transmission require high-frequency optical modulation analysers, sampling scopes, and real-time scopes to perform the required verification tests. Finisar’s new detector operates in the C-band, and comes in a hermetic package equipped with a connector suitable for 100GHz RF connections. Other key features include high responsivity and low polarisation-dependent loss (PDL).

The BPDV4121 product is sampling now with general availability later in March. The new detector will be displayed at OFC 2017 from March 21 to 23 in Los Angeles at Finisar's booth #2403.


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