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Firebird instrumentation range

Phoenix Photonics, the UK-based optical fibre components specialist, has unveiled a new polarisation control module as part of its expanding Firebird instrumentation range.

The polarisation controller module allows predetermined polarisation states to be selected and maintained. The on-board microprocessor is programmed via a simple PC interface to provide a range of pre-selected or user defined operations.. The instrument is all-fibre, providing low loss and high extinction ratio.

The Firebird range, which currently provides precision polarisation control products using proprietary fibre technology is part of the company’s widening portfolio of equipment for the global fibre optics market, which already consists of; 'Fiber Optic Polarizer and Depolarizers', 'Fiber Optic Differential Group Delay Line' and 'Fiber Polarization Control Instruments'.

Dean Giles, operations director, said: 'The modular approach to the Firebird range has proved extremely popular. Our new product release gives customers the opportunity to plug and play between several interchangeable polarisation control methods.”  

'We developed the new polarisation control module in line with customer requirements and the technology we use allows us to offer them world-class quality products at a highly competitive price.'


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