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Fremco unveils fibre blowing machine with double protection

Fremco, a specialist in the design and production of fibre blowing machines, has introduced a fully automatic portable fibre blowing machine with a unique double-protection system for blown fibre units.

Typically, 10–15 per cent of blown fibres are scrapped during the installation process, which is expensive and time-consuming. With the new Fremco Nanoflow there will be considerably less damage and frustration when installing enhanced performance fibre units (EPFU), the company claims.

Field tests with the Nanoflow show installation efficiency is increased by more than 400 per cent when blowing pre-connected fibre units, and fewer blown fibre units are damaged and must be scrapped.

The damage elimination is the result of a new unique double protection system. By pre-setting the built-in torque system to the specific fibre type and load, the Nanoflow will gradually blow the fibre to its maximum distance, and then immediately interrupt the blowing process.

If, by mistake, the torque is set higher than the maximum permissible load on the fibre, a built-in synchronous system will immediately stop the blowing process. With both systems being constantly active, the user would have to make persistent efforts to provoke an error.

Thanks to the safety systems, Nanoflow can be used without air, but for typical end-user blowing distances of 300–500m, adding compressed air will improve the blowing process. Blowing distances up to 1200m are achievable.

The size and weight of the Nanoflow makes it extremely portable. The machine measures 200mm in length, 135mm in height and 100mm wide. The weight is as low as 2500g, which means the machine can easily be moved from job to job.

Completely independent of external power sources, the Nanoflow is powered by a strong 24V 2.0Ah Li-ion battery and is supplied with two batteries and a fast charger. With this package, battery capacity will be more than enough for a full normal working day, according to Fremco.

One of the things that increases productivity is that the Nanoflow is very easy to prepare for use. There is no need for tools. With snap-on adaptor plates and duct adaptors, the operative can easily change between different fibre and duct sizes.

The Nanoflow comes standard with two sets of adaptor plates for 1.1–1.2mm and 1.4–1.6mm EPFU fibre (2f–12f) and with duct adaptors for duct sizes 3-5-7-8-10mm. This supports ducts sizes of 3–10mm and fibre sizes of 0.8–2.8 mm. Adaptor plates for other fibre sizes can be made on request.

The Nanoflow is delivered in a practical impact-proof carrying case with an integrated quick guide in the lid. Optional accessories include a tripod with quick adaptor and a shoulder strap to carry the machine around from customer to customer. Fibre can be blown while the machine is hanging from the shoulder strap if that is most convenient for the operator.

Fremco can also supply a reel holder arm for pre-connected fibre and a 24V 4.0 Ah Li-ion battery for extra heavy loads from large fibre drums.

Like all Fremco blowing machines, the Nanoflow comes with an extended 36 months’ full warranty on all non-wearing parts.


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