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Go!Foton platform launched to enable intelligent network management

Component and connectivity solution provider, Go!Foton announced the launch of a new platform for AI-capable intelligent management of optical networks at the OFC Conference and Exhibition.

Incorporating several of the company’s key innovations such as the patented Peacoc spreadable adapter technology and newly developed on-axial ferrule engagement-sensing mechanisms, the platform - EKOTM - is designed to provide a comprehensive re-imagining of network architecture to help wireless and wireline operators satisfy increasing performance standards while addressing the densification challenge. 

Among its benefits, EKOTM offers total fibre visibility at the most fundamental layers 0/1 of the physical network infrastructure, as well as continuous monitoring of optical power levels with real-time exception alerts. EKOTM also supports environment-related surveillance enabled by its integrated and non-intrusive out-of-band fiber line quality testing and reporting capability. 

David Z Chen, CTO at Go!Foton explained: ‘By making the outside plant (OSP) completely visible with out-of-band collection, reporting, and notification, EKO offers network operators the ability to evolve successfully in the face of constantly growing demands for higher throughput, reduced delays, and minimised downtime,EKO will allow networks to attain the required bandwidth, reliability, and latency benchmarks as they scale with densification.

The company is currently undergoing field trials and expects to begin shipping in early summer.



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