JDSU's TrueSpeed VNF tests virtualised functions

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JDSU has introduced TrueSpeed VNF, a solution capable of assessing customer quality of experience in a virtualised computing environment. TrueSpeed VNF helps service providers resolve customer complaints about poor network performance. The virtualised network function (VNF) software can be deployed anywhere network operators and enterprises have computing resources in the network, and is interoperable with JDSU’s StrataSync-enabled T-BERD/MTS handheld network test instruments.  

TrueSpeed VNF delivers service provider workforce efficiency benefits, including reduction in service call times, reduction in dispatches and increased testing flexibility. Service provider adoption of TrueSpeed VNF drives up to a 40 per cent reduction in customer services costs.

With a surge in mobile apps, LTE, the cloud, big data and more, the network performance that was once predictable in a dedicated, hardware-based network appliance may now be affected in many ways when a new virtual network element is installed.

Physical links connecting network equipment that are accessible for monitoring and troubleshooting are migrating to virtual interfaces, connecting functions within software in the same or different physical servers. Today’s methods and techniques to identify why, where, and who is impacted must change or be adapted.

Whether downloading over the top (OTT) video or using a business app on a tablet, customers expect a high level of service quality. TrueSpeed VNF provides centralised, software-based test capabilities with embedded software clients that generate standardised measurements. Operators can now streamline troubleshooting from a central site (ie. a call centre) and generate replicable and easy-to-understand throughput measurements resulting in increased customer satisfaction with fewer service technicians dispatched.

Highlights of the JDSU TrueSpeed VNF include:

  • Provides RFC 6349 compliance that enables customer care technicians to accurately evaluate the customer experience without dispatching a field technician or dedicated test equipment.  Standardised by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), JDSU co-authored this critical industry-wide test standard that provides deeper visibility into the application and TCP layer to more precisely measure the network’s ability to support unpredictable, high-bandwidth traffic. 
  • Enables network technicians responsible for metro and core networks to test network performance across their area of responsibility to ensure high-quality service delivery through automated evaluation of performance between various internet points of presence (POP), data centers, and network handoffs. Operators can leverage their installed base of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) server resources to quickly evaluate the customer experience and provide actionable information.
  • Allows field network technicians using JDSU’s T-BERD/MTS network test instruments to use TrueSpeed VNF as the far-end for their RFC 6349-compliant tests without a second device or technician, making the qualification of throughput performance and service activation faster, easier and less expensive. 

‘As networks move toward becoming virtualised, operators must access solutions that are standardised for what it takes to meet the high demands of ensuring service quality in complex virtual network settings – TrueSpeed VNF is a game changer,’ said Olga Shapiro, program manager for Measurement and Instrumentation at Frost & Sullivan, a global research group. ‘Impressively, JDSU has broken through with the first industry-compliant test software that serves the virtualised environment. An innovation perfectly timed while NFV and SDN stay top of mind as both challenging and promising network architectures.’

‘Virtualised and software-defined networks are transforming the communications industry as new building blocks that help keep pace with technology change, unpredictable data traffic, the cloud and more - it’s vital that test be virtualised, too,’ said Sue Spradley, senior vice president and general manager in JDSU’s Network and Service Enablement business segment. ‘TrueSpeed VNF is a test-industry first to ignite confidence among network operators and enterprises knowing that a dynamic solution developed in close collaboration with customers will ensure quality and reliability when deploying, installing and maintaining in a virtual world.’