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JGR Optics introduces easy-to-use polarity tester

JGR Optics has released its new PT1 polarity tester.

Designed to be easy-to-use, the polarity tester has a touchscreen interface to allow for one-touch testing of typical pre-programmed type A, B, C, and endless configurable custom profiles.

The PT1 is ready to be equipped with up to 288 channels, even for challenging configurations. It operates on a new, stand-alone JGR platform which does not require a PC to operate. There is still the possibility of remote operation through USB or Ethernet.

Mark Berezny, senior product line manager at JGR Optics said: ‘With the increasing complexity and fibre counts of cable assemblies, polarity testing has become a critical step in the testing process. JGR has been working hard to make this step of the process effortless, reliable, and efficient.’


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