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Keysight introduces 92GSa/s arbitrary waveform generator

Research into the latest 200G, 400G and Terabit communication applications demands a new class of signal generator, according to Keysight Technologies. The company has responded by adding a 92-GSa/s, 32-GHz modular instrument to its portfolio of arbitrary waveform generators.

The new high-speed, wide-bandwidth M8196A arbitrary waveform generator allows engineers to generate digital, multi-level signal waveforms – such as PAM-4, PAM-8 or DMT – with 8-bits vertical resolution, and test electrical and optical links with complex modulated signals at rates up to 64Gbaud. With best-in-class sample rate, bandwidth, resolution, and channel density, the M8196A is the fastest and most versatile signal generator in the industry, the company claims.

“The M8196A AWG provides synchronised dual-polarisation I/Q signal at unrivalled speed, bandwidth and channel density,” said Juergen Beck, general manager and vice president of Keysight’s digital and photonic test division. “This provides communication test engineers with new tools to solve challenges in 100Gb/s and 400Gb/s Ethernet and coherent applications.”

The M8196A arbitrary waveform generator is ideal for high-speed and coherent optical transceiver and component testing with four synchronised channels in one instrument, allowing deterministic emulation and pre-distortion of two independent I/Q signals.

Another key applications is receiver stress testing for multi-level, multi-channel interfaces such as PAM4 at rates up to 64 Gbaud The instrument also supports the development of new physical layer standards exceeding 100Gb/s, thanks to its built-in flexibility.

For quantum physics and advanced research, the instrument can generate any mathematically defined arbitrary waveforms, ultra-short yet precise pulses and extremely wideband chirps.

Performance specifications include up to 2Vpp differential output voltage, adjustable DC offset in a -1V to 2.5V window, 8-bit vertical resolution, and rise and fall times better than 9ps.

The M8196A runs on a single-slot AXIe modular system designed for high-performance instrumentation, providing a maximum sample rate of 92GSa/s and 32GHz of analogue bandwidth on up to four precisely aligned channels simultaneously per AXIe chassis.


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