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New APAT OE transceiver allows combined access for 10G PON systems

APAT Optoelectronics Components (OE) has successfully developed the XGS-PON/XG-PON+GPON Combo OLT transceiver, which allows hybrid access for 10G PON applications. This approach allows carriers to achieve a smooth, scalable upgrade from GPON to XG-PON or XGS-PON.

By replacing GPON OLT line cards with Combo PON line cards, carriers can provide both existing GPON and 10G broadband service simultaneously in the same network.  It reuses existing network equipment and ODN, negating the need to change the existing fibre network, or to take up extra floor space. Carriers are able to upgrade ONUs per customers’ requests, achieving a smooth and scalable upgrade.

This XFP transceiver has a 29dB link budget in D1/N1-B+ class. It is in pilot production now.


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