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New test and measurement line to cover multiple applications

Newly revealed from OptoTest is a new line of handheld equipment for a range of applications, including data centres, enterprise LAN, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and industrial networks.

Products include the OP310 optical power meter, OP350 optical light Source, OP360 bidirectional insertion and return loss tester, and OP380 insertion loss tester. This range is designed to be rugged, easy to use, and includes features and automation for anywhere a handheld solution is needed, from outside on a boom lift to inside an aircraft or the crawlspace of a building.

All OptoTest handheld instruments incorporate a high contrast multi-function backlit display that can be read in bright sunlight or in the dark, and a simple user interface with multi-function keys. Their compact polycarbonate housings incorporate bumpers and dust caps, and meet MIL PRF 28800F Class 2 general requirements for durability and environmental protection while keeping overall weight to under 1 pound.

Advanced features built into the OP310, OP360, and OP380 meters and testers include an autotest mode that displays measurements for up to three wavelengths simultaneously, a multi-fibre ID that identifies up to 12 different test tones from multiple sources, and a large internal memory that records a timestamp and user-specified cable name.

OP350 sources can be ordered with a mix of LED and laser sources, or with LED or laser sources only. Available wavelengths are 470 nm to 1300 nm for LED sources, and from 1310 nm to 1625 nm for laser sources. Ultra-stable LED sources and zero warm-up time laser sources are also available for long-term monitoring and other demanding applications.


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