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Nokia launches Predictive Care for its fixed access portfolio

Nokia has officially launched Predictive Care for its Fixed Networks portfolio, establishing a new network care model with automated predictive network support. Five customers are already using the platform, the company said.

Cloud connectivity for a trillion internet-enabled things (IoT) is creating enlarged and diverse ecosystems demanding near 100% network availability. Fixed access networks also provide a critical point to connect end users as well as things to the service provider's broadband network, and traditional reactive support approaches will be insufficient. Predictive support systems ensure high network availability and performance by addressing potential network problems before they impact service quality.

Nokia Predictive Care for fixed access networks uses the powerful intelligent analytics and automation capabilities of Nokia AVA, the company’s cloud-based cognitive services platform. This provides near-real time monitoring capabilities that can identify network anomalies before they impact services.

The AVA platform leverages an extensive knowledge library, built up from data about network symptoms data from customer projects worldwide. The system provides relevant data to the Nokia expert care team for customer-specific and tailored network analysis and recommendations, to help service provides increase network performance and availability

A standalone self-care service is also available, which makes analysis results and network element data available to the service provider's operations and maintenance (O&M) personnel to prevent service degradation and help them stay ahead of problems and troubleshoot more efficiently.

Federico Guillén, president of Nokia's Fixed Networks business group, said: “With Predictive Care, we offer our customers today the perfect solution to improve network quality, building on our experience with hundreds of customers worldwide. Predictive Care is even bound to grow in importance, as networks evolve to more virtualisation, and open interfaces and data models will provide more insight on diagnostics data more easily, across systems and networks, which will further improve the accuracy of predictive analytics.”

Nokia will showcase its Predictive Care offering at the Nokia Booth E104 at the Broadband World Forum in Berlin, Germany, on 24–26 October.


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