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AFL is introducing the Poli-MOD, a pig-tailed optical interconnect patch and splice module designed for network growth.

Accommodating up to 24 fibre interconnections in an industry-standard, single-slot LGX 118 footprint, the Poli-MOD module uses a snap-in splice sleeve cradle that securely manages both single and ribbon fibre arrangements. This customised cradle provides a means for the installer to secure splice sleeves prior to routing fibre within the module, reducing installation time and minimising the risk for damaging fibre.

'The new Poli-MOD offers one of the simplest and fastest installation approaches to patch and splice modules within the telecommunications industry,' said Matthew Johnston, product specialist for AFL. 'Previous module designs required time-consuming methods to secure cable, such as using tie-wraps. With AFL’s new Poli-MOD, users waste less time during installation.'


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