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Quantifi Photonics reveals products for high-channel count transceiver test and measurement

Quantifi Photonics has revealed the PXI-based PAM4 BERT and the 288-channel optical power meter. 

Both products are designed to provide a flexible path forward to addressing high-density, high-capacity standards and improving parallel test capacity for high-volume transceiver manufacturing.

The BERT-1102 is a new PXI-based 29G PAM4 BERT. It brings eight lanes of 29GBd PAM4 in a single PXI module and the ability to scale to 64 channels in a single PXI chassis and up to 512 channels by chaining eight chassis together. With a built-in, distributed clock, the PAM4 BERT reduces cabling and maintains a small, streamlined footprint. 

Built on open, modular, proven PXI technology, the PAM4 BERT is used alongside a module compliance board, oscilloscope, and intuitive software. The new single-platform transceiver test solution reduces complexity, allowing engineers to increase test efficiency and accelerate time to market.

The Quantifi Photonics Power-1410 isa new high-density optical power meter, designed to continue this same thread of density and efficiency, scaling to 288 parallel channels – a 10x improvement in density over current commercially-available solutions. Such extreme channel count instruments will be a key requirement for manufacturers as they roll out 800G and co-packaged optical network infrastructures. 

Both products use SCPI programming, allowing engineers to integrate them easily with third-party equipment. Both products will be showcased at booth 4600 at OFC.


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