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Rosenberger OSI launches PerCONNECT LAN cabling portfolio

The increasing importance of bandwidth for businesses has prompted Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure (Rosenberger OSI), to start offering its data centre cabling infrastructure to the office and building cabling sector.

Rosenberger OSI’s new portfolio, under the brand name of PerCONNECT, combines planning and installation services with hardware to create comprehensive portfolio from one experienced supplier.

“With our innovative LAN portfolio, valuable cost and time savings can be achieved and efficiency is increased significantly,” explained Thomas Schmidt, managing director of Rosenberger OSI.

The integrated process and portfolio is designed to save cost and time for the customer. The cabling design for a project is defined on-site by Rosenberger OSI’s in-house specialists or qualified experts. To simplify installation Rosenberger OSI uses single-ended prefabricated cables and flexible modular components to enable simple and quick installation, while also guaranteeing high performance.

The PerCONNECT portfolio is based on diameter-reduced and gel-free fibre-optic cables. The use of gel-free cables simplifies splicing processes, while the smaller diameter leads to a considerable reduction in the fibre load (at least 15 per cent), which in turn improves reliability by reducing the strain on cable ducts and makes it easier to extract the cables when upgrades are required.

Cables are available in class B2, currently the highest fire protection class in the Construction Products Regulation. If MTP connection cables are also used, fitting activities can also be reduced enormously. For floor wiring, Rosenberger OSI uses a copper-based cable, both in the prefabricated version and in the component form.

If existing cabling is outdated, a ‘revitalisation’ project may be the most cost-effective option for the customer, and the company will advise accordingly. “A redesign is not always necessary. In line with our strategy, we often recommend smaller adaptations that are often completely sufficient for the efficient, continued operation of a data infrastructure,” said Schmidt.

Rosenberger OSI offers a comprehensive service for office and building cabling that covers the lifetime of the network lifetime. In addition to supplying cabling systems, Rosenberger OSI’s in-house experts or its qualified local partners can also look after the planning, installation and maintenance activities.

“Our service teams also prepare documentation for the transfer and acceptance meetings and support the infrastructure according to maintenance agreements that cover the entire lifetime of the network,” Schmidt explained.


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