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Tektronix unveils 45GHz optical modulation analyser

Tektronix’ new 45GHz optical modulation analyser (OMA) is designed to help engineers develop components and equipment that support the latest 100G and next-generation 400G communications standards.

To maximise fibre-optic network infrastructure investments, the industry has turned to complex optical modulation formats that allow higher effective data rates without requiring greater network bandwidth. To date, researchers and engineers have needed to turn to multiple test and measurement vendors or even build their own test fixtures to perform required tests, costing valuable research time and reducing repeatability. Tektronix says its new products solve the industry-wide problem of how to efficiently test coherent modulation technologies.

“As 100G technologies start to move into the mainstream and 400G is coming into focus, we’re hearing from customers that configuration flexibility and measurement system integration are vital factors in ensuring fast time to market,” said Brian Reich, general manager, Performance oscilloscopes, Tektronix. “In addition to offering new optical modulation receivers at 45GHz, we now deliver the most complete coherent optical solution with the signal integrity of a 70GHz bandwidth ATI oscilloscope and improved configuration flexibility.”

The OM4245 45GHz optical modulation analyser takes advantage of Tektronix’ new UltraSync technology that enables a multi-instrument acquisition system with coordinated triggers to provide inherent acquisition-to-acquisition jitter that is better than typical channel-to-channel jitter in any single instrument, the company claims. In addition, it includes a high-speed data path to transfer waveforms from extension units to the master unit for rapid analysis.

With support for single-carrier or multi-carrier systems, the analyser is tightly integrated with the recently announced Tektronix DPO70000SX 70 GHz ATI Performance Oscilloscope to provide multi-channel, high-sample-rate, low-noise digitization of complex modulation signalling for testing coherent optical transmitters, transmission systems, and receivers. The new 5¼-inch-high performance oscilloscope packaging uses less rack or bench space. For example, two of the new 70GHz instruments can be placed in the same space as a standard lab performance oscilloscope. This configuration also minimises the distance to the modulation analyser for improved signal fidelity.

The OM4245 is capable of dual-polarisation coherent optical analysis up to 80Gbaud. It offers built-in, narrow linewidth lasers and supports the Tektronix OM-Series user interface (OUI).  The user-friendly Tektronix OUI also provides the flexibility and access to the MATLAB computational engine that researchers need for more advanced coherent optical analysis. This provides a robust, time-saving, and customizable platform for conducting experiments in coherent modulation algorithms.

As 100G requirements evolve into 400G, or even 1Tb/s, engineers need a test and measurement system that can grow with their requirements. The new Tektronix DPO70000SX ATI Performance Oscilloscopes allow convenient system expansion as performance needs evolve. For analysis beyond 400G, the OM4245 offers Multi-Carrier Support (option MCS) that delivers automated analysis for any configuration of multi-carrier systems including 800G and 1Tb architectures.

The OM4245 optical modulation analyser prices start at €212,000 / £176,000 and is available to order now worldwide.



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