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VETRO FiberMap launches cloud-based FTTx mapping

VETRO FiberMap, a subsidiary of the GIS consulting firm NBT Solutions, has launched the VETRO FiberMap Network Mapping Platform, designed specifically to meet the needs of small to mid-sized internet service providers (ISPs) and community broadband networks.

The secure, cloud-based platform helps ISPs plan, design, cost, build, market, manage, and operate their fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks. It delivers real-time network mapping to and all departments – leadership, engineering, marketing – anytime, anywhere through any web browser. Broad functionality and ease of use are provided in an affordable and powerful package that fully supports a fibre company from ‘strategy to splice’.

“As we worked with dozens of communications companies over many years, we found that small and mid-sized ISPs have a common set of mapping needs as they deploy their fibre networks,” said VETRO FiberMap cofounder Will Mitchell. “Legacy network inventory mapping tools are too big, too complex, and too expensive for them. They wind up using Google Earth for maps and spreadsheets for strands and circuits, but they really struggle to bring all of this data together and share information across their business efficiently. We’ve built this platform specifically for these companies so that they can now work from one common fibre network mapping and fibre management database.”

Not only does the software support demand identification, market planning, and return-on-investment (ROI) modelling, but engineering needs are also well covered. Easy digitising and network layout tools support flexible engineering designs. Service providers can move quickly from design to construction, generate the bill of materials (BOM), and share designs in GIS-ready formats.

“Open APIs and cloud management make the solution easy to integrate, customise, and maintain, while providing secure access to critical data to all departments and partners,” added VETRO FiberMap cofounder Sean Myers.

Demos and free trials of VETRO FiberMap are available via the company’s website  and will be on display at the Fiber to the Home Council’s annual conference and showcase, FTTH Connect 2016, on 13 – 15 June in Nashville, Tennessee.


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