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VIAVI’s smallest handheld network tester designed for next-generation mobile and cable networks

VIAVI Solutions has launched the T-BERD/MTS 5882 portable network tester, which covers a broad range of tests in an automated workflow. This lightweight, versatile tool can significantly reduce time in the field for technicians of all skill levels across hybrid workforces.

The move to 5G, Remote PHY and other distributed technologies means even more stringent synchronisation targets must be met to prevent service degradation. VIAVI’s collaboration with Tier-1 service providers allows the T-BERD/MTS 5882 solution addresses these critical requirements. The instrument is optimised for fibre characterisation, multi-protocol service activation, troubleshooting and maintenance across mobile, cable and power utility networks.  

The tester provides support for emerging and legacy network protocols such as Ethernet, CPRI, eCPRI, OTN, and PDH, and features a built-in GNSS receiver, enhanced diagnostics for microwave backhaul installation and maintenance, a job manager application that consolidates and automates testing and reporting, as well as an extended battery life and fast battery recharge.


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