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Waystream launches access-switch for up to 10Gb/s

Waystream has launched the MS8000 series of access-switches for fibre networks, with up to 10Gb/s port speed. 

The switch is suitable for fibre network building with layer two access. The company’s ASR8000 series that was introduced last year was well-received by the market and this is a matching product for city networks that are building a layer two access network. It offers 28 or 52 ports of up to 10Gb/s speed.

The MS8000 has a slim form factor, 24cm depth, and with effective front-to-side cooling. This allows for greater versatility and flexibility. Susanne Torrbacka, acting CEO at Waystream explained: ‘Fast and reliable broadband networks are essential to keep society going, not least in a time of pandemics where work life and human behavior changes. The MS8000 creates the foundation for attractive services in city networks that enable people to work from home, participate in video conferencing and remote learning or to watch high-resolution video or play online games with low latency requirements and without limitations.’


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