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Solve the Broadband Connectivity Challenge With FTTH Solutions from HellermannTyton

HellermannTyton has designed a range of outlets, distribution boxes, customer connection points and connectorised wall boxes that, combined with the fibre splice closures, provides full end-to-end FTTH solutions for new developments and existing buildings. Depending on the size of the building, be it a large or small multi dwelling unit (MDU) or a single dwelling unit (SDU), this range of products offers a number of options in fibre connectivity and distribution.

Large multi-dwelling unit (MDU)

• MDU – Large: The large multi-dwelling unit (MDU) is typically a high rise apartment complex with a large number of living units over multiple floors within the building. A common MDU FTTH application will be designed with a single building entry point (BEP), fibre in the home (FITH) riser cabling, a connectorised or splice floor distributor (FD) and more FITH drop cabling connecting the FD to the to the optical termination outlet (OTO) at each apartment or room. The drop cables may be pre-terminated to the OTO or at both ends for connection into the FD.

Large multi-dwelling unit (MDU)

• MDU – Small: A small multi dwelling unit (MDU) applies to a smaller residential complex with a low number of apartments, typically over two or three floors. A small MDU would use a lower capacity BEP than the large MDU, directly connected to the OTO with no separate floor distribution. With less living units to service, the FITH cabling would be a smaller fibre count cable, and may be pre-terminated.

Large multi-dwelling unit (MDU)

• SDU – Subterranean: A single dwelling unit (SDU) refers to a single house or stand-alone property. In this FTTH scenario, the building entry point (BEP) will take the form of a small unit such as the HellermannTyton customer connection point (CCP). The CCP will take a drop cable from the fibre concentration point (FCP) and distribute fibre directly into the property to a fibre wall outlet (OTO). The final drop to the customer premises may be subterranean or aerial and can be pre-terminated.

Large multi-dwelling unit (MDU)

• SDU – Aerial: The aerial application is an alternative and often more-cost effective method to delivering fibre to the premises. The cable meets the building at a raised level and will either be routed directly into the premises via a façade box or back down to ground floor level and into the BEP. The drop cable may be pre-connectorised for connection into the drop closure (FCP).

• Fibre Splice Closure – FDN: The FDN fibre splice closure or fibre concentration point (FCP) takes fibre from the POP and distributes the fibre to individual buildings or properties. HellermannTyton manufactures a wide range of different sized fibre splice closures, each designed for different FTTH scenarios.

• Connectorised Fibre Closure – FST: The FST connectorised closure is available configured with a selection of fibre connector options and allows for the quick connection or disconnection of circuits using pre-configured fibre pigtails or field terminated connectors used in an SDU network.

• Connectorised ENIR: Designed as a BEP for a large or small MDU, the connectorised fibre enclosure incorporates two separate compartments for the network operator and the user. Incoming fibres are spliced onto trays in the operator compartment. The spliced fibres exit the trays on fibre pigtails into the user compartment to service each end user apartment/room.

• Customer Connection Point (CCP): The customer connection point (CCP) is used as a building entry point (BEP) to provide a fibre termination and network demarcation point external to the connected premise in an SDU FTTH network. It also presents a network test point outside of the customer location.

• Fibre Distribution Connectorised (FDEC): The internal fibre distribution enclosure is used to break out, splice and connect optical fibre cables at the point of entry into a building or to distribute individual fibre circuits to the accommodation/business units on a specific floor or zone within an MDU or MBU. In a small MDU application, this fibre distribution enclosure would be used as a BEP, with the capacity to service up to 18 properties.

• Fibre Distribution Spliced (FDES): The internal fibre distribution enclosure is used to break out and splice optical fibre cables, typically housed within a building riser or floor area, to distribute the circuits to the accommodation/business units on a specific floor or zone of an MDU or MBU. As with the FDEC above, in a small MDU application, this fibre distribution enclosure would be used as a BEP, with capacity to service up to 18 properties.

• Fibre Wall Outlet (FWOA): The wall mounted fibre optic outlet allows a fibre optic cable to be connected directly in the end user apartment.

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