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Cleveland provider upgrades enterprise-only network

Cleveland, Ohio-based provider, Everstream operates a 27,000 fibre-mile network stretching from Duluth, Minnesota all the way to Washington, DC.  

It consists of more than 5,000 on-net locations with connectivity in 63 Tier 1 to Tier 4 data centres across its 10-state footprint, including key markets such as Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Detroit and Philadelphia.

The company’s focus on the enterprise market means that it needs a robust, scalable and highly flexible transport network to deliver high-speed fibre services. Everstream has partnered with Ekinops to employ the Ekinops360 platform with FlexRate coherent transport as part of its network upgrade.  

The solution is designed to facilitate increased transport capacity for fibre to the tower (FTTT) backhaul services in addition to enterprise transport applications. Ekinops is also providing its PM 200FRS02 FlexRate module with multi- reach capability from access to ultra-long haul along with a flexgrid ROADM-based optical line system to provide the optical layer flexibility necessary to reconfigure capacity rapidly based on customer demand.  



Chuck Girt, Everstream chief technology officer said: ‘From wireless backhaul services for 5G to enterprise cloud applications – the demand for bandwidth continues to rise. Capacity-building technologies such the Ekinops360 platform provide the scalability called for in Everstream’s technology roadmap, enabling delivery of the high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity solutions our customers require.’

Kevin Antill, Ekinops’ group vice president of sales for North America added: ‘We are very pleased to be partnering with Everstream on such a robust network. That they’ve built so quickly speaks volumes not just about the performance of Ekinops equipment, but also our ability to execute and deliver in response to customer requirements.’


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