Collaboration creates new Michigan fibre route

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Michigan provider, 123NET has teamed up with internet and phone service provider DayStarr Communications, and network and service provider Peninsula Fiber Network to provide a 90-mile fibre route connecting Southfield to Lansing.

This joint multi-million-dollar investment brings state-of-the-art optical fibre opportunities to Lansing, Okemos, Williamston, Webberville, Fowlerville, Howell, Brighton, and other municipalities along the path. Underground construction on this investment has already begun and will continue for approximately 18 months. 

The three firms have the common goal of improving connectivity options to nearby underserved or unserved areas. This investment will not only bring connectivity to nearby communities but will create opportunities for more partnerships in the future.

Collin Rose, President at DayStarr says: “At DayStarr it’s our mission to improve lives in our community through communications. For over 20 years we have been striving to provide the best communications services to customers in our area. We recognized ten years ago that an all-fibre optic network was the best way to do this. We are excited that both business and residential customers will benefit from the added capacity and reliability that this high-speed broadband fibre brings to our region. DayStarr was founded in mid-Michigan and is excited to work with 123NET and PFN – both Michigan companies – to create this new path and better connect our state.”

Dan Irvin, President and CEO at 123NET adds: “Creating the best possible network requires multiple, diverse routes between population centres. “We have 25 years of experience building fibre along both traditional and lesser-used routes to create diversity and bring fibre into underserved areas. It’s all part of our mission to make Michigan the best connected on the planet. PFN and Daystarr are ideal partners in this latest expansion.”

Scott Randall, General Manager at Peninsula Fiber Network concludes: “Continued investment in Michigan’s telecommunications infrastructure is both prudent and necessary. We are happy to partner with 123NET and DayStarr to strengthen our mutual position as leaders in the state telecommunications industry and to help achieve the state’s goal of ubiquitous broadband coverage for all residents and businesses.”

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29 November 2022

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24 November 2022

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15 November 2022

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11 November 2022

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