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Denmark to go sustainably digital with kr120m access investment

Denmark energy and telecommunications group Norlys is looking to develop new sustainable solutions for end-users as it continues its fibre roll-out in the market.

The move follows the creation of the larger group after a merger between energy suppliers SE and Eniig. Norlys facilitates the expansion, operation and maintenance of fibre infrastructure across 40 per cent of the country and the new company has selected Emtelle as the main supplier of duct, accessories and fibre units for the project. 

Running until the end of 2023, the contract is anticipated to be worth a 120m kroner over the next three years. Tony Rodgers, CEO at Emtelle said: "It has been a pleasure working with the Norlys team pre- and post-merger and we are looking forward to building on what were already strong relationships. Combining our ability to supply quality fibre and duct solutions with Norlys’ drive to deliver superfast fibre connections across Denmark, we welcome the opportunity to support Norlys and help it meet its target of a more digital Denmark. As demands from our European customers increase and competition intensifies, it’s great that our dedication to high quality service and customer support is recognised.”

Over the next three years, Emtelle will supply Norlys with duct, accessories and fibre units to drive forward its ambitious plans of expanding digital infrastructure to create a more digital Denmark. Magnus Just Olesen, vice president of Norlys Tele explained: ‘As we continue to meet our targets of delivering a more digital Denmark and ensuring our customers have access to a premium superfast fibre connection, it is key we have the support of partners that are enthusiastic and dedicated to deliver a top-quality product and service. Having worked with SE and Eniig separately pre-merger, Emtelle has already proven its commitment to supporting our success, and it was crucial as we expanded, and increased our roll-outs, that our supply came from a partner that could meet our demand.’

Laila Nygaard Pedersen, sales director for Denmark at Emtelle added: ‘In order for us to achieve a competitive edge it is more important than ever for us to place our customers at the forefront of what we do. I am immensely proud of my team and their delivery of excellent customer service, which has led to us winning this contract with Norlys.’

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