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Render, Vetro team up to accelerate U.S. connectivity

Fibre deployment construction & management platform, Render has formed an integration partnership with fibre management solutions provider, Vetro. The partnership brings together technology and expertise from both parties to help accelerate customer connectivity and maintain quality fibre infrastructure. 

Render's automated scope creation, work management, and real-time performance insights can enable field and project teams to be more productive by streamlining the construction and maintenance of high-quality networks. Vetro, meanwhile, serves as the network's design source and system of record, bridging the gap between GIS mapping and fibre operations to provide seamless data sharing and integrated workflows, and enabling operators to efficiently plan, design, build, and manage fibre networks. 

The partnership is designed to automate and simplify the deployment process from sign-up to “ready for connection,” in an effort to help eliminate construction handover efforts, maintain 100% network data integrity, and reduce time-to-connect. The platforms' integration and partnership has already enabled construction to connection timelines of 10 weeks, and doubled monthly customer drop targets. In addition, in the empower network, delivered by Craighead Electric's recently completed co operative build, it has also installed more than 14,000 service locations in under three years.

Will Mitchell, CEO at Vetro says: “Network operators need to streamline everything as they rush to build the highest quality long-term fibre infrastructure in a new wave of integrated digital efficiency. We're taking this concept to the next level by turning our designs outward for pick up and actioning by construction management solutions and round-tripping changes and as-builts back into Vetro as the system of record. This partnership between Vetro and Render is exciting because it means network operators now have end-to-end visibility across the lifecycle to create their best network and continue to operate at optimised levels."

Sam Pratt, CEO at Render Networks adds: “Ours and Vetro's ideology and approach is open and best-of-breed. By bringing our respective network construction and fibre management solutions together and utilising class-leading API infrastructure, operators now have a superior and proven alternative to 'jack of all trade, master of some' and custom-developed solutions. Our collaboration and active partnership with Vetro dates back to 2018, and both companies are incredibly proud of the customer outcomes that have since become benchmarks for the industry. With this latest integration, we can confidently and efficiently enable the next generation of networks, significantly reduce cost to build and operate, and most importantly - connect communities in record time.”

Jeremiah Sloan, CEO of Craighead Electric Cooperative and empower concludes: “Utilising the Vetro and Render integration has been transformative for us at empower. Their agile software solutions have allowed us to build networks faster than ever before. Render's construction platform and Vetro's system of record seamlessly integrate geospatial data, streamlining operations and delivering real-time insights. Our partnership with Vetro and Render has truly revolutionised our end-to-end network construction and management processes," said Jeremiah Sloan, CEO of Craighead Electric Cooperative and empower.

 With the high level of interoperability between the two solutions, we were able to deploy over 3,000 miles of fibre network infrastructure 20 months ahead of schedule and 14% under budget.”


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