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Coherent demos latest telecom, datacom lines at ECOC

The company, (formerly known as II-VI) has nine demonstrations taking place on booth #1.

The company is demonstrating 200G PAM4 operation of its InP EML. This EML is a monolithically integrated O-band DFB laser with an electro-absorption modulator. It supports up to 112 GBaud PAM4 modulation (224Gb/s) with cost-effective non-hermetic packaging and is aimed at new standards being developed, such as the IEEE 802.3df, with 200G optical lanes. This new optical lane speed will support future transceiver products such as 800G-DR4, 800G-FR4, and 1.6T-DR4.2.

A 800G-DR8+ QSFP-DD800 transceiver module will also be demonstrated, based on an internally designed silicon photonics MZM PIC interoperating with an 800G-DR8+ OSFP module based on internally designed and fabricated 1310nm EML lasers and photodetectors. The modules carry 800Gb/s traffic in the 2x400G-DR4+ configuration, which is expected to be the preferred implementation in the initial deployment of the 800G upgrade cycle at data centres enabled by 25T and 50T switches.

Visitors to the booth can also see the firm’s next-generation active optical cable for up to 100m reach. This VCSEL-based 800Gb/s QSFP-DD800 active optical cable will be critical to support next-generation 100G/lane electrical and optical PAM4 interfaces, such as those used in 25T and 50T switches. The advance of 100G/lane VCSELs will lower the power consumption of 800G transceivers, compared with single-mode optical transceivers designed for longer reach. VCSEL-based active optical cables are targeted for short-reach interconnects for server connectivity, top-of-rack elimination, high-performance computing, and machine learning systems.

Another demonstration for Coherent is the 800G (2x400G) Link With 10km reach. This link demonstrates the operation of a pair of 800G (2x400G-LR4-10) transceiver modules connected by a 10km-long single-mode fibre. The modules are configured as two individual 400G-LR4 10km links in OSFP pluggable form factor. Each 400G channel is based on a CWDM wavelength grid using four 100Gb/s EML transmitters, with outputs optically multiplexed within the module. The optical performance is displayed on the GUI of the demo equipment.

Coherent is additionally showcasing a new generation of 400G-DR4 transceiver modules in a QSFP-DD form factor that supports both Ethernet and OTN FOIC4.8 rates. This new feature is particularly useful in campus and access applications such as switch-to-router connectivity and co-location links. The demonstration shows optical performance of a 400G-DR4 module operating at a FOIC4.8 data rate over 10 km of single-mode fibre enabled by our internal EML technology. This new-generation module, using the latest DSP technology, can significantly reduce the power consumption of the module.

Also on display is Coherent’s high-transmit-output-power 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD-DCO coherent transceiver for IP-over-DWDM deployments in metro and regional optical transport networks. Enabled by the advanced indium phosphide (InP) photonic integration in the company’s IC-TROSA, the 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD-DCO matches the performance of high-end coherent solutions previously available only in CFP2 or larger form factors. This allows network operators to plug the 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD-DCO transceivers directly into their switches or routers, skip an intermediate transponder/muxponder equipment layer, and connect straight into the ROADM optical layer, resulting in significantly reduced capital and operational expenditures.

Visitors can also see the firm’s pluggable optical line system (POLS) in the small QSFP form factor for eight-channel 400ZR/ZR+ transport in data centre interconnects (DCIs). The QSFP-LS is designed to plug directly into a spare switch or router QSFP port and enables full-duplex multichannel 400ZR/ZR+ transport, including multiplexing, demultiplexing, and variable-gain amplification. The QSFP-LS supports up to eight DWDM wavelengths at 400Gb/s, or 3.2Tb/s per fibre pair, over a maximum distance of 120km. The QSFP-LS is one of our most advanced integrated products and the smallest optical line system on the market.

Coherent will demonstrate the new WaveAnalyzer 400A optical spectrum analyser. The 400A features two scans per second across the C+L band with a resolution bandwidth of 500MHz. The compact instrument comes with an Ethernet interface and can be controlled through the well-established WaveAnalyzer GUI as well as through a RESTful programming interface that allows integration of the unit in automated test setups.

Last but not least no the company’s booth is the WaveMaker, a novel optical instrument concept that allows the generation of arbitrary spectra for optical communications system test purposes. Comb spectra with extinction ratios beyond 60dB can be created. Live transmission channels can be multiplexed into the signal. An internal amplifier supports output power levels beyond 20dBm. 


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