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Sticklers reveals touchless cleaner at ECOC

Sticklers Fibre Optic Cleaners, part of MicroCare, has revealed a brand new cleaner at ECOC 2022. 

The new Sticklers Pro360 is a mechanical device that uses pure cleaning fluid and air to remove fibre optic end face contaminants that could interfere or block the optical signal. In doing so, it provides touchless cleaning, to help eliminate static and scratching.

For use on all fibre optic end face sizes, the device can clean 360°and all the way to the ferrule edge in one cycle, which eliminates static and post-clean migratory recontamination. It works thanks to a hand-held wand that sprays a high-purity, non-flammable fibre cleaning fluid onto the end face, followed by an air burst.

The atomized fluid dissolves oils and carries particulates away from the entire connector end face. The contamination is either carried away from the end face with the cleaning fluid during the drying process, or dispersed to areas of the connector housing where the trace amounts of contamination remaining is harmless. As an added benefit, the atomized spray eliminates static charges from all treated surfaces to prevent static charged dust particles from jumping back onto the clean surface.

Portable for field use and line powered for benchtop, the new device additionally eliminates the need to carry multiple tools and provides the lowest cost per clean. Users can achieve up to 2,700 cleans per cleaning fluid cartridge without the repetitive clicking motion, and fewer cleaning fluid cartridge change-outs means less inventory to stock and no more plastic tool refills going to the landfill.

Visitors can find out more on booth #368.


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