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Comsof launches FiberPlanIT Engineer

At the upcoming FTTH Conference 2017 in Marseille, Comsof will launch a new product: FiberPlanIT Engineer. This new product is an extension to the FiberPlanIT Designer that focuses on the design and planning stage of FTTx networks. With the addition of FiberPlanIT Engineer, Comsof says it can serve its customers during the construction phase as well.

“Creating splicing diagrams, labelling the equipment and generating the required construction plans is time consuming, repetitive and error prone work. Anyone who is responsible for the roll-out of a fibre network knows this. This will no longer be the case with the FiberPlanIT Engineer,” says Raf Meersman, CEO Comsof.

FiberPlanIT Designer generates optimised high-level designs to reduce the deployment cost. The FiberPlanIT Engineer, transforms these high-level plans into low-level designs ready for construction, automatically creates fibre connections and applies the correct equipment coding.

The use of templates in the software makes it easier to generate consistent construction plans. The software also allows for last-minute adjustments to the network design to make it ‘field proof’. This reduces network design time and avoids costly mistakes in the field.

“The integration of FiberPlanIT with the customer’s inventory platform is crucial to streamline the process from design to operation,” says Jonas Verstuyft, partner manager at Comsof. “With the FiberPlanIT Engineer we can guarantee the network quality until construction and integrate with the operator’s physical network inventory solution for documentation and operation.”


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