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Latest Anritsu PAM4 error detector supports 116Gb/s

Anritsu has released its latest PAM4 error detector, which supports 116Gb/s bit error rate tests.

The company says that this new addition to the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series is the only instrument to achieve error-free measurement of PAM4 signals at 116 Gb/s with industry-best operation bit rates and high Rx sensitivity.

Combined with the previously released MP1900A series PAM4 Pattern Generator, the new module supports high-accuracy BER measurements of PAM4 signals. It has been developed with built-in clock recovery and equaliser to implement a PAM4 BER measuring instrument. It tests bit error rates for communications speeds of 400G and faster, supporting high-speed signal generation and signal performance analysis.

With a built-in high-bandwidth and high-input-sensitivity Rx circuit, the newly released PAM4 error detector module supports error-free measurement of 100Gb/s PAM4 input signals, even at a low input amplitude of 36 mV typ. The new clock-recovery and equaliser functions support reproducible jitter and ISI stress tests of transceiver input circuits using an easily-configured equipment setup.


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