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Portable 400G network tester upgraded

Anritsu Corporation has launched its 400G Dual/100G Quad Channel Expansion option offering upgraded functions for its Network Master Pro. 

Installing this new MT1040A-020 option in the MT1040A supports simultaneous dual-port 400G Ethernet (400GbE) measurements using a combination of two 400G measurement modules. 

As a result, since data Tx and Rx tests can be performed simultaneously, it is possible to both test networks as well as measure the latency and execute quality tests of 400G equipment efficiently using just one  unit. Additionally, testing of 200GbE used in data centers is also supported. By upgrading the functions to support 400GbE in response to customers’ requirements, Anritsu is contributing to the deployment and smooth operation of high-speed networks.

The 400GbE Network Master Pro  is a portable tester for evaluating the communications quality of various network types operating at speeds ranging from 10Mb/s to 400Gb/s. With its stackable configuration of measurement modules, the MT1040A can support simultaneous dual-port 400GbE measurements using a combination of two 400G measurement modules, facilitating quality tests (BER, throughput, frame loss/latency, etc.) of 400GbE equipment. Moreover, in addition to supporting 400GbE, the MT1040A also supports 200GbE, offering network operators a cost-effective, all-in-one quality tester.


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