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MRSI Systems' MRSI-HVM3 Die Bonder enters volume production

MRSI Systems’ recently launched MRSI-HVM3 die bonder system has entered a volume production phase, using advanced demand flow technology to satisfy worldwide customer demand.

Launched at the China International Optoelectronics Exposition (CIOE) in September last year, the first wave of configured machines was focused on Chip-on-Submount (CoS), Chip-on-Carrier (CoC), and Chip-on-Baseplate (CoB) and have been successfully installed in North America, Europe and Asia.

Dr. Yi Qian, vice president of product management, explained: ‘Our value proposition helps photonic device companies execute their strategy to have a fast response high volume manufacturing capability alongside the ability to maintain low manufacturing costs for the high demand driven by data centre applications.’

Added Mr. Michael Chalsen, president: ‘MRSI is pleased to meet these specific requirements to scale efficiently in today’s fast-paced market with the MRSI-HVM3, high speed die bonder for high volume manufacturing.’


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