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New DCI open line system designed for 400ZR era

Adva has launched its FSP 3000 data centre interconnect (DCI) open line system (OLS) specifically designed for 400ZR technologies. 

The new system aims to address urgent challenges for network operators by enabling commercial deployments of DCI infrastructure based on 400ZR. These high-density, cost-effective, open solutions that are optimised for point-to-point applications up to 120km will help expand DCI capacity to meet soaring data demand. 

Currently undergoing customer testing and evaluation, the Adva DCI OLS has demonstrated interoperability with 400ZR pluggable transceivers. It is also fully compliant with the OIF’s implementation agreement for 400ZR coherent optical interfaces. 

Optimised for amplified 400Gb/s DWDM links with reaches up to 120km at 75GHz or 100GHz channel spacing, the solution exceeds all 400ZR performance specifications. It’s also compatible with OpenZR+ interfaces, which expand the application area to DCI applications with distances far beyond 120km. A high level of functional integration minimises fibre cabling and provides simplified, automated and rapid turnup for optimal performance. Multiple diagnostic tools are integrated, including a built-in OTDR for the monitoring of all fibres and built-in optical channel monitoring. 

Christoph Glingener, CTO at Adva said: ‘The launch of our new DCI OLS will be key for operators. It provides the missing link to real-world deployments of open infrastructure built with 400ZR interfaces. [It] offers a way to inject ultra-high capacity while reducing total cost of ownership and operational complexity. What’s more, the solution is designed to optimise performance with 400ZR-compliant optics from any vendor.’


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