Sticklers unveils CleanClicker cassette at BISCI Winter 2017

MicroCare will introduce the Cassette CleanClicker fibre-optic connector cleaner at the BICSI Winter Conference and Exhibition 2017 in Tampa, Florida, on 22–26 January. This new cassette cleaner is designed to be economic alternative to more expensive, trigger-operated cassette cleaners.

The Sticklers Cassette CleanClicker connector cleaner uses a high-performance microwoven fabric for the cleaning ribbon which has high absorbency for removing end-face contamination. The woven material provides excellent dust trap capabilities and can be used either as a dry wipe or with “wet-dry” cleaning. It is suitable for cleaning female MPO connectors of any fibre count as well as all standard single and duplex fibre connector assemblies. This makes it ideal for field installations, test labs, equipment and cable assembly production, field installers and Installation kits.

The tool is a simple, disposable end-face cassette cleaner in a translucent plastic housing. The device is unique in that it features manual user-control of the cleaning ribbon. This enables the operator to perform multiple cleanings on the same piece of ribbon to reduce cleaning costs. The translucent plastic housing also makes it easy for the operator to visually judge the quantity of cleaning ribbon remaining in the cassette, avoiding unpleasant surprises out in the field.

The device also features a shutterless cleaning window. Traditional, more expensive cassette cleaners use a shutter mechanism in an ineffective attempt to protect the cleaning ribbon. These tools also require a complex, spring-loaded trigger mechanism to advance the cleaning ribbon and open the shutter to expose it. These features also make those tools more expensive so companies refill them, which adds even more costs and logistical worries. This over-engineered complexity is not necessary since it does not protect the cleaning ribbon from moisture or dust, MicroCare asserts.

In summary, the new Sticklers Cassette CleanClicker tool avoids unnecessary costs without sacrificing performance. It will be on display at BICSI booth #1039.


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