Sumix releases USB 3.0-enabled MAX Series interferometers

Sumix, a manufacturer of industrial interferometers and probes, says its new Sumix MAX series interferometers are the first fibre inspection probes on the market to take advantage of high-speed USB 3.0 technology.

The MAX Series interferometers are designed to inspect and test single-fibre patch cords and pigtails, bare ferrules and bare fibre, MT ferrules and MTP/MPO parallel-fibre patch cords.

These interferometers follow in the footsteps of the previous SMX series, and still offer the high-resolution and high-contrast optics that made SMX a popular choice by the fibre-optic industry. The Sumix MAX Series also offer a number of new features, with the speed advantages of USB 3.0 connectivity and improved ergonomic fixture design for easy connector insertion.

Coupled with Sumix SMX-MaxInspect software, Sumix MAX interferometers promise to take fibre-optic connector measurement to new levels of ease and accuracy, the company claims.

“Sumix has always been focused on providing innovative solutions to the fibre-optic industry,” said Dr. Farhad Towfiq, president and CEO of Sumix Corporation. “MAX devices continue this legacy with the highest measurement quality, ease of use and industry-leading testing speeds.”

The MAX series embodies the Sumix philosophy that using a high-tech device does not need to be a time-consuming job performed only by engineers. Sumix strives to make this technology accessible and simple to use, while retaining the technical complexity inherent in the function of such a device.

The Sumix MAX series is available now.


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