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TG400 green laser

Technifor has expanded its laser offering with the TG400 green laser. With the laser's 532nm wavelength, this system can be used for marking materials that do not interact with other classic laser equipment (using near-infrared 1,064nm), such as YAG, YVO4, fibre, or CO2.

This solution is designed with medical, electronics, electrical, and plastics marking applications in mind. It will enable the marking of sensitive materials such as silicon, reflective metals, printed circuits, ceramics, and a range of plastics.

The 30µm beam delivers high marking quality, which allows the laser to mark small characters and Data Matrix codes. The TG400 enables surface marking with reduced heat-affected zone, avoiding material damage or distortion.

The TG400 green laser software, specifically developed by Gravotech Group, helps the implementation of identification and traceability solutions in any production process.


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