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VI Systems offers 50G photo-detector module for R&D test

Optical components developer VI Systems has launched an ultra-high speed fibre-coupled photodetector module designed for test set-ups when developing advanced short-reach optical interconnects.

The D50-1300M module will support data rates of up to 50Gb in non-return-to-zero (NRZ) modulation or pulsed amplitude modulation (PAM) formats. The photodetector operates over an input wavelength range from 840nm to 1550nm, making it compatible with a variety of different protocols and technologies.

The module footprint is 62.5mm x 16.7mm with a height of 8mm. The module features a V-connector to receive the electrical output signal. For the optical input is a 50/125 multimode fibre, terminated with a standard FC/PC connector and typical cable length of 1m.


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