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VI Systems offers 850nm VCSEL module for 50Gb/s

VI Systems has introduced the fiber-coupled 850nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) transmitter module V50-850M for data rates of up to 50 Gb/s. The transmitter module features a V-connector for the electrical input signal and for the optical output a 50/125 multimode fibre which is terminated with a standard FC/PC connector.   
The V50-850M transmitter module is designed for test set-ups aimed at development of advanced short-reach optical interconnects. The module footprint size is 62.5mm x 16.7mm. The height of the module is specified as 8mm. The fibre cable length is typically one meter.
The maximum optical output power is specified at 6dBm. The typical operating voltage is 2.4V. Test data is provided by the Heinrich-Hertz Institute, Berlin. No pre-emphasis and equalisation was applied. A significant improvement is expected with properly adjusted electric pulse-shape engineering.


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