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Fern Trading reveals its fixed broadband consolidation structure

Fern Trading reveals its fixed broadband consolidation structure

Fern Trading has revealed its new fixed broadband consolidation structure

Fern Trading has launched the new branding of its UK FTTP group, which comprises national wholesale network, AllPoints Fibre and national ISP, Cuckoo broadband.

The consolidation of Jurassic Fibre, Swish Fibre, Giganet and AllPoints Fibre into a single fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) business was announced earlier this year in a move to accelerate full-fibre delivery in the UK.was designed to  in a move that will accelerate full fibre delivery over the next five years. 

Fern Trading brand, Giganet acquired Cuckoo last year under its UK growth strategy as part of the Fern family. Together, AllPoints Fibre and Cuckoo aim to become the UK’s most recommended way to connect. Already an established national ISP within the Fern family, Cuckoo will migrate the customer bases of Giganet, Jurassic Fibre and Swish Fibre over the coming months, while the businesses combine expert regional operations and national partnerships to power their new national wholesale network under the AllPoints Fibre brand.

The consolidation of all its FTTP businesses into two divisions also brings a reorganisation of teams as the new-look AllPoints Fibre and Cuckoo prepare to accelerate growth, by leveraging resources, knowledge, and expertise from across the group. 

Speaking on the launch, Jarlath Finnegan, CEO AllPoints Fibre, says: “It’s an exciting and dynamic time for the UK fibre market, spurred by the nation’s growing need for countrywide access to fast, reliable and fairly priced internet services. That’s why the time is right to bring our new model for accelerating deployment and uptake to market.  AllPoints Fibre is poised to become a powerful, fully integrated wholesale business that's on track to build and manage multiple networks nationwide. Meanwhile, Cuckoo is already positioned as a truly national retail ISP challenger, with its award-winning visual identity and  design system providing a solid foundation to evolve from. Our integrated, partner-oriented, customer-first approach, has the missing ingredients needed to provide futureproof digital foundations for all.”

Paul Hellings, CEO of Cuckoo, adds: “Our Cuckoo customer base which will bring in Jurassic Fibre, Giganet and Swish Fibre in the coming months, can expect some truly exciting developments from our combined team of experts and we’re very excited to share more in due course.  What I can say now, is that we will always push the envelope, not only through implementing the latest in cutting-edge full-fibre technology, to make our products faster and more reliable than ever, but by ensuring that our customers actually feel good about their broadband, while we remain dedicated to providing them with an unmatched customer experience.”



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