Fujikura Europe

LazerMaster and ArcMaster

Fujikura Europe, a manufacturer of fibre optic cables and equipment, has enhanced its LazerMaster and ArcMaster series, for use in the biomedical and research industries. Alongside this release the company has also announced new services centred around its optimised splicing technology.  

One-Click Cleaner MPO

Fujikura Europe has launched its new One-Click Cleaner MPO, designed for cleaning MPO/MTP connectors and adapter mounted MPO/MTP connectors that are widely used in data centres and also in some telco-operated infrastructures.

The company says the product cleans MPO/MTP connector end-faces that have been exposed to loose contaminants, such as dirt and oil from an installer's fingers. With just one action it is able to clean a variety of fibre counts up to 48 fibre MPO/MTP end faces and is capable of providing over 500 cleans per unit, says Fujikura.

Focis Pro automatic fibre inspection

Fujikura Europe (FEL) has introduced a family of Focis Pro automatic fibre inspection solutions.

Aimed at providing network personnel with an automated solution for analysis and documentation of fibre connector cleanliness and integrity, the Focis Pro completely eliminates the subjective aspect of fibre inspection.


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